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Segmented Turnings

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Escape to Return

2019-12-31 15.40.53
2019-12-22 17.13.22-1
2019-12-05 20.01.56-1
Walnut, Purpleheart & Yellowheart Bo
Walnut, Purpleheart & Yellowheart
Walnut, Copper Beech, Rosewood
Cherry Challenge Bowl
Circle in the Square
Cirlce in the Square
Walnut Bowl
Mahogany Bowl
Small Basket
Elliptical basket
Big Basket
Checkerboard Vase
Sine/Cosine Vase
Wave Cup
Walnut Bowls - Two Ways
Criss-cross bowl
Double Candy Bowl
Never needs watering
Vee Bowl
Aunt Rose Bowl
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